Our personal alarms

SRTs personal alarms comes in four separate models, each designed for specific purposes:

  • SRT326 has all the basic functionality that is expected from a personal alarm and is developed for use at a fixed address
  • SRT306/SRT306 G2 is our most popular personal alarma and the first hand choice among major emergency service centers. This alarm offers the same functionality as SRT326 but is additionally equipped with a GNSS receiver. SRT306 G2 offers better data connectivity possibilities than SRT306.
  • SRT326i  has all the basic functionality that is expected of a personal alarm but with additional IPS functionality
  • SRT306i is our most well equipped personal alarm with both GNSS and IPS positioning

Why choose an SRT personal alarm?

Why should you choose a personal alarm from SRT? The reasons are many, but here are the most important ones:

  • All of our personal alarms are developed by us. This might be the strongest argument for why you should choose personal alarm from SRT. Our personal alarms are developed by our own staff at our office in Stockholm. The same office where you can meet our support, purchasing and sales department along with the rest of our company. This means that development is always done in close dialogue with different stakeholders.
  • Our support know what they are talking about. This can seem obvious but unfortunately it’s not always the case. Personal alarms are highly complex products and in some cases require technical knowledge in order to fulfill customer needs. Because we at SRT develop our own personal alarms, our staff also holds the knowledge to give the best support possible.
  • Our personal alarms are of highest quality. This can come of as a cliche but the fact is that it’s true. SRT has world class technical development staff and we have many years experience in development of industrial communication equipment. Simply put this means that
    • Our personal alarms deliver what they promise. Since a personal alarm is designed for personal protection, a product failing to function properly from time to time is not acceptable.
    • Our personal alarms are the most energy efficient in their class. Because personal alarms use a built-in battery, it’s important to conserve battery power so that the user can feel secure that the alarm will work properly when most needed.

If you want to learn more about SRT and our personal alarms, please click on the links or contact us.

Why a personal alarm?

Authorities and employers continuously work to increase security both at home and at work. A personal alarm from SRT offers security for those who work in hazardous environments or under a high level of threat. Personal alarms are today used in more and more professions. And in many industries the use of personal safety equipment may even be required by law. In these cases a personal alarm could mean the difference between life and death. SRT can offer you a reliable personal alarm that is both easy to use and carry with you.

What is a personal alarm?

A personal alarm is essentially a piece of hardware that you can carry with you and that can be used to call for assistance, should you find yourself in an emergency situation. This somewhat broad definition includes a wide range of products suitable for different use cases.

We at SRT develop what we call “modern personal alarms”. These devices utilize modern communication and positioning technologies and are often used together with a professional emergency service center. The device provides geo-position data through the use of GNSS, radio signals or WiFi. And communication normally goes through a GSM network. Furthermore these kinds of devices are often equipped with various sensors in order to be able to detect and monitor the surroundings.

When do you use a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are used when there is a risk of unforeseen, sudden and possibly dangerous situations arising. Modern personal alarms can even be configured to autonomously generate alarms, should the user be unconscious or otherwise incapable of doing so herself.

Who uses a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are used by private individuals and professionals alike. Within certain occupational groups in Sweden the use of personal alarms are widespread. This can partially be explained by laws and regulations concerning work in hazardous environments. Examples of occupational groups where the use of personal alarms are especially prevalent are security guards, parking meter maintenance workers, shop staff, nursing and health staff and electric fitters.

How does a personal alarm work?

When you order a personal alarm from SRT or one of our resellers the device is configured prior to delivery according to your needs. This includes making sure it can connect to the emergency service center of your choice, configuration of the device and establishing an alarm procedure. If an incident should occur the user presses the alarm button, upon which a message is sent to the emergency service center containing the identity of the user and her position. Simultaneously a voice call is placed to the emergency service center allowing the operator to hear what is happening. Depending on circumstances and the severity of the situation, the operator makes sure that proper aid is provided. Additional information such as ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts, visual description of the user and any medical conditions are provided to the emergency service center beforehand. That way the operator can decide what measures should be taken.