Tracking & Surveillance SRT341

SRT341 is a tracking and alarm device designed for installation in vehicles and property and with the capability of handling complex alarm procedures.

  • Built-in motion detection
  • Nano SIM (4FF) card holder
  • Connectors for external network and GNSS antennas
  • 99 channel GPS/GLONNAS/Galileo receiver
  • Speaker and microphone connectors
  • Connectors available for IR, temperature and humidity sensors
  • 9-36 VDC power supply with built-in battery
  • Dimensions 95x77x30 mm


SRT341 can be connected to a vehicles internal alarm. If the alarm is triggered the device is notified and an alarm is sent to an alarm receiver. If the SRT341 is connected to a tracking service then the vehicle can also be tracked in real time. SRT341 can be used to surveil its surroundings by attaching for example temperature, humidity or IR-sensors. It can also control external equipment through the use of internal relays.

Alarm handling for emergencies

SRT341 is developed to handle complex alarm procedures. Just like our other alarm products it can be used to send alarm reports containing your position and unique identity to an alarm reception service of your choice. SRT341 also allows the user to make voice calls to an alarm operator, provided that the device is connected to an external speaker and microphone. By talking to a user in distress an alarm operator will have better possibility of assessing the situation and making sure proper measures are taken.

High speed data and map tracking

SRT341 communicates over 4G networks (with GSM fallback possible). This means higher data speed and better network coverage, enabling the use of  SRT341 in real time applications. SRT341 is also compatible with a number of different map tracking systems.

External connections

SRT341 have several options for external equipment. It offers nine digital inputs that can be used to connect peripheral sensors, two internal relays and two analog inputs.

Flexible report configuration

SRT341 has very flexible reporting possibilities and can simultaneously handle up to 3 persistent TCP connections, 10 non persistent TCP/UDP connections and 10 SMS receivers. Report formats can be specified on a per-receiver-basis. All report formats are compatible with the other models in SRT’s range of alarm products.


SRT341 top view
SRT341 top view
SRT341 side view