Industry Emergency service centers

We here at SRT have a long history of developing lone worker alarms. We have been developing mobile alarm and tracking hardware since the early 2000's and during that time our close working relationships with emergency service centers have been a major contributor to our products. The insights from that collaboration have resulted in a range of products that are designed accordingly.

Market insights and technical expertise

Our long history of developing mobile security equipment have given us valuable insights into user’s needs. Our range of lone worker alarms are designed for working professionals and aim to offer the high quality that these users expect.

Our products also meet demands set by the emergency service centers that we partner with. These demands include the use of redundant alarm receivers and different communication protocols to prevent single-point-of-failure issues.

Our lone worker alarms support different report protocols such as the standardized OVLS-protocol and our own SRT#-protocol .

We have many years experience helping emergency service centers to implement secure alarm handling. We offer our technical support to our customers in all matters, be it technical implementation matters or advising in best practices for system setup.

Are you with an emergency service center and want to know more about our personal alarms? Contact us with the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.