Scandinavian Radio Technology Our story

Scandinavian Radio Technology (SRT) develops and manufactures communication technology. Our main areas of product development lie in lone worker alarms, property surveillance devices and vehicle tracking equipment. With an innovative and committed workforce and a close working relationship with Swedish authorities and major security service companies, we have attained a market leader position.


SRT in its current shape was established in late 2004. Right from the start SRT focused its efforts on developing products utilizing wireless communication for alarm and tracking purposes. The company has a history reaching back to the 1930’s and the experiences from developing industrial applications back then are still utilized today when developing the next generation of communication technology.

SRT in short

  • We are responsible for the entire development process – from idea to finished product
  • We are one of the biggest suppliers of GNSS enabled alarm devices on the Swedish market
  • The majority of all lone worker alarms connected to Swedish emergency service centers comes from SRT
  • The Swedish Police, Swedish Armed Forces and Swedish Tax Agency all use products from SRT
  • The majority of our employees work with technical product development
  • All support cases are handled by in-house technicians
  • Our customers can be found in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Big projects – great experiences

SRT have successfully performed a number of large projects where the customer have specific and complex demands that the off the shelf products do not satisfy. The knowledge and experiences attained from these projects are always preserved so that we can continue being an attractive partner when it comes to developing customized solutions. If you need help developing your product idea or want to see our references, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

Vision, goals & challenges

Our vision is to develop products that increase safety for organizations, authorities and individuals. Our ambition is to become Europe’s leading supplier of alarm units for the protection of individuals and mobile property. The challenge is to do so in an ever changing world with rapid technical advances and increasing demands.

Our motto

With good ideas, enough resources and expertise everything is possible. That is what motivates us to keep evolving. By maintaining proper focus on quality and reliability, we will work to continuously meet increasing market demands.