Tracking & Surveillance SRT410

SRT410 is a minimal alarm device designed for building flexible surveillance applications.

  • 2G/LTE
  • GNSS receiver
  • Inputs for sensors like IR and photo sensor
  • Motion detection
  • Microphone
  • Listen in during alarm situations
  • Intelligent power saving mode
  • Low battery alarm
  • Light and handy size 37 x 31 x 12 mm (without encasement)
  • Weight: 21 g (without enclosure)
  • Configured through USB, SMS or IP

SRT410 is a minimal alarm device meant to be embedded in the enclosure of your choice. The small size makes it easy to hide away. It is designed for area surveillance and can be connected to various types of sensors, depending on your needs. The unit itself is a naked circuit board that can be put inside a desired case, depending on the desired size and battery capacity. SRT410 is equipped with a vibration sensor and can be connected to external motion and light detectors. It is also equipped with a microphone which allows for audio monitoring.