Alarm receivers SRT430

SRT430 is an alarm receiver fully compatible with other SRT alarm devices and able to act as an IPS network gateway.

  • Alarm reception through 2G/3G/4G and RF
  • Alarm forwarding through SMS, IP and RF
  • Warning light
  • Alarm siren
  • Reset/Test button
  • Alarm button
  • Display
  • Internal battery 7,2 Ah
  • Alarm reception acknowledgement through button or wireless

SRT430 is an alarm receiver that can be used together with all SRT alarm products. When SRT430 receives an alarm it is indicated through a sharp sound and a flashing warning light. It can also forward alarms by SMS, IP and RF.

Just like the other products in SRT’s i-series, SRT430 is RF communication enabled. This means it is well suited for use in environments with little or no cellular coverage.

When an alarm is received, the display shows the sender’s number or associated ID. The associated ID is an optional string of text that can symbolize for example a name, vehicle or place.

All of SRT’s alarm products can be programmed to send alerts to multiple recipients which means SRT430 can be used together with an emergency service center.

Alarms received by SRT430 can also be forwarded to any receiver of your choice. SRT430 can forward alarms through SMS, IP and RF to hundreds of recipients. Multiple SRT430 can be used to implement alarm reception in environments completely lacking cellular coverage.

SRT430 can be made to generate various alarm types. Peripheral equipment can be connected to SRT430 signal input. When an alarm event is generated in the peripheral equipment it is registered by SRT430 which then sends an alarm to preset receivers. Additional alarm types include shut down, loss of power and low battery alarms.

With a powerful internal battery of 7,2 Ah, SRT430 can run without an external power supply for over 3 days.

Includes accessories are wall charger and desktop software for configuration. External siren (20W) is optional.

SRT430 front view
SRT430 side view