SRT346 front view
  • 99 channel GNSS-receiver
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm button
  • Call button
  • eSIM possible
  • IP54
  • Vibration and motion detector
  • Indicators for battery level, GSM, GNSS, RF, Mandown and timer alarm
  • 48 hours battery lifetime at normal use
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Size: 118 x 73 x 26 mm

True versatility

SRT346 is developed with versatility in mind. It is a mobile device with a number of communicative and connective possibilities. SRT346 can as easily be used as a mobile device as permanently installed inside a vehicle. It can be supplied power through the charger connection or induction charged. In short, SRT346 can be adapted to you needs.

RF communication

SRT346 can communicate on the ISM radio band which makes it compatible with the other SRT i-series products. In an indoor environment equipped with an adequate indoor positioning infrastructure the SRT346 can position itself, or even communicate should the environment lack GSM coverage (see SRT344i/SRT334i2 for further details).


SRT346 comes equipped with built in bluetooth that can be used with SRT approved peripheral equipment like alcoholmeters and configuration equipment.

Function buttons with indicators

SRT346 has five programmable universal buttons, each with its own status indicator, that can be used as alarm or function buttons. When used as function buttons they can be used to indicate the start and end of a certain activity which is well suited for contract work. It is also possible to connect a button to the built in relay. When the button is pressed the relay status changes which is indicated with a dedicated status light.

External power supply and relay output

As an option you can have SRT346 delivered together with a connector for external 9-36 VDC power supply and connection with the built in relay. Upon connection to an external power source the internal battery is charged and can later be used during temporary power outages.

External connections

SRT346 can be delivered with a connector used to connect the device with external microphone and/or speaker. Speaker and microphone are sold separately.

As an option you can have SRT346 delivered with a connector for use with external sensors. These sensors can be used to serve the same purpose as the function buttons. Examples of possible alternatives are IR and temperature sensors.