SRT Container Alarm top view
  • Developed in Sweden
  • GNSS receiver
  • Supports GeoFence
  • Wrapable cable
  • Attaches with built-in magnets
  • Internal battery
  • Waterproof
  • Low battery alarm
  • Can be ordered with eSIM


SRT Container Alarm is designed to track container transports. It not only tracks the transport, but ensures the container doors are not opened during transport.

It has a two meter cable attached to it that can be wrapped around the bars of a shipping container. If someone cuts the cable or disconnects it from the device an alarm will be generated.

SRT Container Alarm also has built-in magnets making it simple to attach to the container door. If the device is removed from the door an alarm is generated.

Using the GeoFence function the unit can generate an alarm when it leaves or enters a predefined area. Alarms can be sent by SMS or e-mail. SRT Container Alarm can also be used with professional emergency services.

SRT Container Alarm has a powerful internal battery and can be used for months without recharging.

Positioning & map tracking service

SRT Container Alarm is equipped with a GNSS-receiver and can provide an updated position every second. You can request the device’s position by SMS at any time. If you want to track your device in real time or see where it has been during a certain period of time, you can connect it to an online map tracking service. Please see our map tracking service for further information.