SRT347 front side view
SRT347 right side view
SRT347 left side view
  • Developed in Sweden
  • 99 channel GNSS receiver
  • Low battery alarm
  • Can be ordered with eSIM
  • Status LEDs
  • USB charging
  • Water and dust proof (IP54)
  • Size: 90 x 55 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 113 g (excluding sensors)

Suited to your needs

SRT347 is a sensor centered device designed for surveillance and control of the local area and was developed with flexibility in mind. This means that different sensors easily can be connected and disconnected depending on your current needs. SRT347 has a built-in vibration sensor and have options to connect infrared, temperature and humidity sensors. The device is suitable for installation in buildings, vehicles and boats. The device is preferably connected to a external power source but can also operate on the internal battery if you want to use it in environments with no available supply of electricity.


SRT347 has a number of sensor alternatives.

A detachable infrared motion sensor can be connected to the device. The device can then be configured to generate alarms either at motion detection or the opposite, on no motion detection.

With a temperature sensor connected to the device it can supervise that the temperature is within an acceptable interval. If the temperature falls below or rises above the acceptable interval, an alarm will be generated.

A detachable humidity sensor can also be connected to the device. The device can then be configured to supervise that the humidity level stays within an acceptable range. If the humidity falls below or rises above the acceptable interval, an alarm will be generated.

The device has a built-in vibration sensor that can be configured to send an alarm when it detects vibration, or alternatively when there is no vibration.

Alarm inputs and relay output

SRT347 is equipped with two digital inputs and one relay output which makes it easy to use with peripheral equipment. The digital alarm inputs can be used for connecting external sensors and the device can be configured to manage alarms from these in same way as it does with other sensors. SRT347 also has a relay output to control the external equipment. SRT347 can be configured so the relay is controlled depending on the status of one or more of the sensors, which gives the possibility to create complex and highly automated applications.