GPS week rollover

On 6th of April 2019 the GPS satellite system will be subject to a so called week rollover. Due to the way current time data from the satellites are supplied to GPS receivers around the world, roughly every 20 years the week number reaches it maximum value and rolls over to zero. This may cause problems in GPS receivers not properly equipped to handle it.

For the majority of GPS enabled SRT devices bought 2010 or later, the week rollover will not cause any problems. An exception is SRT278 Fleet X08 where devices bought 2011 or later are not effected.

Products bought before 2010 (or before 2011 for SRT278 Fleet X08) are still very unlikely to be effected, but SRT cannot make any guarantees. If you have an SRT product that you suspect may be effected, please contact us and we will help you.