News The closing of 2G/3G and the transition to 4G

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The 2G and 3G networks are set to be shut down - how will this affect you as a user?

Sweden, like large parts of the world, are facing a technical shift where old network technologies are being closed down to make way for newer ones. How does this affect you as a user of SRT's products?

According to the time plan set out by Swedish mobile network operators the

  • 3G network will be completely shut down by 2024. This work has already been started and of the two networks this will be shut down first.
  • 2G/GSM network will be shut down during 2025. Since the 2G network have a large amount of IoT devices connected to it, the mobile network operators have decided to let it stay the way it is until 2025. Some operators have explicitly even said they will let their 2G networks stay unchanged until the end of 2025.

Since all of SRT's 1st generation products (e.g. SRT306) can communicate over 2G, you have until 2025 to replace them with new ones. If you want to know more about the planned shut down of the 2G and 3G networks or need help getting ready for the shift to newer technologies, please contact us using the contact form below or by e-mail.

Official information about the closing down of 2G and 3G networks, along with links to the mobile network operators' websites, can be found on The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's website (content in Swedish).