We here at Scandinavian Radio Technology are proud over our products and are always looking for resellers who share our passion for mobile security and monitoring services. If you want to become a reseller of SRT’s products it is necessary that your business

  • is VAT registered
  • has an approved credit rating
  • holds necessary knowledge regarding the SRT products you intend to sell
  • is able to give your customers a basic level of service and support regarding the SRT products you intend to sell
  • is insured
  • internally assign an SRT contact person

All of SRT’s resellers receive free training yearly to ensure that the business stays qualified and that they are kept up to date regarding our current range of products. You also get access to our web shop where you quickly and easily can place your orders.

Are you interested in becoming a reseller? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Sales meeting with customer