Alarm receivers SRT330

SRT330 is an easily installed alarm receiver compatible with all SRT alarm products.

  • GSM
  • Warning light
  • Alarm siren
  • Reset / Test button
  • Alarm button
  • Display
  • Internal battery 6.6 Ah
  • Relay on alarm reception
  • Low battery alarms to preset numbers
  • Can be connected to map tracking system
  • Size 190x130x80 mm
  • Weight: 600g

SRT330 is an alarm receiver that can be used together with all SRT alarm products. When SRT330 receives an alarm this is indicated through auditory and visual warning signals.

When an alarm is received the display shows the sending number. It is also possible to associate the sender’s number with an arbitrary text string, such as a co-workers name, place or vehicle, which is then displayed when an alarm is received.

Your SRT alarm device can be programmed to send alerts to multiple recipients. That means an alarm unit can send alerts to both an emergency service center and SRT330 when an alarm is triggered. When an alarm is received SRT330 can in turn relay alarms, in the form of an SMS, to as many as 100 recipients.

With a powerful internal battery of 6.6 Ah SRT330 can run without an external power supply for over 3 days.

SRT330 comes with a wall charger.