Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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FAQ for personal alarms

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Where can I buy SRT’s products?

If you’re interested in buying SRT’s products please click here.


In what cases is it favourable to use GPRS in the unit?

If you want the unit to continuously report data – for example you current position – there’s an advantage in terms of cost by using GPRS. GPRS is a cost efficient alternative to many other forms of wireless data transmission. Some emergency service centers support alarm reception through GPRS as well.

What is the margin of error in a GNSS-receiver?

The margin of error in  GNSS-receiver (e.g. GPS, GLONASS) is up to 50 meter. If you’re located in an urban environment with high buildings the margin of error can be larger. To get the best results you should be located outside in an open space and under a clear sky.


My alarm is not working properly, what should I do?

If your SRT product is not working properly you should have it repaired. Register a reparation case using our product service form.

My unit indicates the wrong position when I test the alarm, how can I fix it?

Take the device with you outside and stand under a clear sky until the GPS light starts flashing green. Then try testing the alarm once again.

Alarm messages from my device do not reach the emergency service center, what should I do?

Make sure that the alarm is registered at your emergency service center with the correct phone and alarm number. Additionally, make sure that your alarm device is correctly configured, for example that it’s configured with the telephone number provided by your emergency service center.


Can I replace the battery in my SRT unit?

Yes, but all battery replacements should be performed by SRT since you have to open the device to access the battery. If your SRT unit needs a battery replacement please register your request through our product service form.

What emergency service centers can an SRT unit be connected to?

SRT’s alarms can be connected to all Swedish emergency service centers including Securitas, Avarn, Nokas, Rapid, Stanley, Lövestad and SOS Alarm.

Which GSM operator and subscription form should I use in my SRT product?

It’s optional which network operator you choose to use in your product. However it’s important that the plan you choose supports both voice communication and SMS. If you intend on letting your SRT device report over GPRS, the operator plan have to support this as well. Normally our customers use a Telematic plan with voice communication and M2M. Please also make sure that the SIM card you intend to use is not PIN code protected.