Below you can create a support case if you need help configuring your SRT devices. Before you do so you we advise you to read through our FAQ. If your errand is regarding a configuration change it is possible for SRT to do so remotely. If you prefer this option then indicate it in the form below. If your errand is urgent then indicate it in the form below as well. Your errand will then be prioritized before other errands. Please note that different prices apply depending on the options you select (see prices in the linked technical support price list below).

To create a configuration support case please fill out your contact information. If you choose to send us your device please observe that the billing address will be used when returning your product unless a separate delivery address is specified. If your billing address is for a PO box you will have to fill out an alternative delivery address. If you choose to send us your product you will receive information regarding where to send it after the form is submitted.

You can find the technical support price list here.